We've always worried about all the sweatshops shit, that easily may be called "modern slavery" and we've always found kinda disturbing “punk” bands singing about some issues but supporting those brands using sweatshops for their merch. Anyway since we’ve been there, we also know that even though the band really worries about it a lot of times it's not easy to find other alternative brands through some printers.

Also, as you know, the planet is fucking dying and sometimes it looks like “nobody” gives a fuck, we contribute daily with our senseless consumption to kill it even faster, so trying to use organic, environmental friendly or recycled materials must be an obligation for anyone who cares about what’s going on with our planet.

Thinking about these issues, now it’s still a problem if we want to buy any merch from a band we love and most of the time what we can only get is stuff that is not ethically coherent with our beliefs, ideas and politics at all. This new project was born to fight this problem.

We mix all these ethical concerns about consumption with two of our biggest passions: “punk” music and underground art, working with underground artists / designers we love for providing you exclusive limited clothing designs of your favourite “punk” bands.

All our products fit in these standards:
-100% organic cotton and / or recycled polyester and cotton
-Fair trade
-Vegan, not animal tested
-No gender clothes
-Printed with environmental friendly inks
-Excusive design
-One single limited run per design
-Oficially licensed by the band